No one really knew exactly what Tzani Do’uol did fifty years to break the world, but everyone knows that when she did, it forever changed the planet of Rea. In a single day, the formally varied and prosperous world became a uniform and mostly sterile barren. All of the lush forests, the grand mountains, the sweet-smelling fertile valleys, and the vast seas; all were swept away in a giant planet-quake that came to be known as the Sundering.

What is left now is a not-quite-desert place that the inhabitants have renamed Inik. While capable of supporting some life, the people of this remade world huddle around small lakes-the only places with accessible water and arable land. The formerly well-maintained roads have broken down and the vast kingdoms are remnants of their former selves as their people cluster together. Vast plains of untouched grassland-none of which support any kind of sustainable crop-stretch across the world. Only a few scrappy, hardbitten species of plants manage to survive outside the fertile spots of lake land-and the same goes for the sparse animal life.

However, in addition to these developments, comes the unknown danger of Hollow Fields, or simply Hollows. Whatever Do’uol did must have left behind a trace of itself, which has manifested as dark, nearly-invisible areas that instantly take people out of Uth. Many who have wandered into a Hollow have never come back and the few who do bring strange stories of surreal, almost dreamlike worlds-populated by bizzare creatures and terrible monsters.

And in the middle of all this, is you…

Hollow Fields